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We're currently putting together some resources to help people who are in the early thinking stages of a build project.

Rather than us just assuming what it is you need to know we thought we'd ask first.


Below is a quick form that will allow you to deposit any questions that you would like to know more about, or wished you had known before your previous project.

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Here's what you've sent us so far...

While we work on the resources, we've been answering some of the questions below. Have a look at our Ak-tivBlog page.

Quentin of Mana asked:

'Hi, are there any good design resources for managing the setting sun shining direct into houses? Are louvres the answer or should one look at the whole house as part of a sustainable house design? Asking for my Sister who is designing a house (in germany with a german designer) that will be built in Taranaki (and need an NZ architect to get through planning etc). '

Rew of Plimmerton asked:

'With existing home renovations I've found that term "Schedule 1" covers a lot of renovations in Porirua, as in no consent required. From a council and consent process, are you able to enlighten others as it might encourage others to start those reno's. '

Tim of Plimmerton asked:

'We added more skylights upstairs post-build. Possibly the framing could be specified from the outset to allow for apertures in the potential locations for skylights when it is not certain that they are going to be required. '

Anita of Whitby asked:

'I’d like to convert my garage into a commercial kitchen. I’ve been baking from my current kitchen but it’s getting too small. Surely it’s just a matter of buying a few commercial benches, hiring a plumber, electrician and painting the walls right? '

David of Aotea asked:

'What is the process around Code Completion certification and Insurance hand-over going to be? In my own experience, this was not handled well. If not understood and planned with the project manager, it can result in a period where no insurance cover exists. '